Staging A Home Before It Is ListedStaging has a wealth of benefits for selling a home. Just as a car salesman boasts about the safety and luxury of buying a specific make of vehicle, a homeowner too wants to boast about their home to potential buyers. 

A professional real estate agent will tell you to market your home so that buyers can see themselves living in the space. Staging certainly sets the tone for achieving this. Without a total renovation or making drastic (and costly!) changes to the look of a home, staging provides an effective way of "decorating" to highlight the very features that make your home a must-buy.

So exactly what is staging? In technical terms, staging is "the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers."

Staging helps to sell a property more quickly. By staging, you improve the aesthetic appeal of a home by upgrading the space. While not a complete list, below are some of what you might expect to happen when a home is staged before being listed for sale.


  • Mix one part water with one part bleach and spray onto moldy shower doors and walls
  • Paint dated bathroom tile
  • Replace worn sink with a pedestal
  • Add a new light fixture


  • Stain old cabinets
  • Replace dated cabinet hardware
  • If affordable, replace appliances with newer stainless steel models

Living room:

  • Add recessed lighting throughout
  • Paint over worn brick on fireplace
  • Add decorative area rug and decorative pillows to furniture


  • Appeal to both sexes with color: paint neutral
  • De-clutter the room of non-essentials
  • Add crown molding for a dramatic effect

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